Active-8  Gel for use before or during exercise. Smooth and highly spreadable as a little goes a long way. Glides onto the skin and is absorbed in around 20 seconds. Releases energy in fat cells to feed the production of Type 1 muscle fibres by up to 69%, if used every day for approximately one month. Active-8 Gel gives a leaner and fitter looking silhouette. Enables you to target areas of the body and reduces staging in places like the upper arms, stomach and buttocks.

Improves elasticity to tighten skin in areas where weight loss has occurred and prevents stretch marks in areas of muscle growth. Neutralizes toxins in sweat to prevent 'sweat rash.' Lubricates and smooths the skin to reduce redness and discomfort from chafing. Naturally scented with sandalwood oil to deodorize sweat during exertion.



Reactive-8 Lotion contains Actigym to reduce stubborn impurities and build type 1 muscle fibres. With ingredients in the formal designed to deeply moisturize and nourish the skin this lotion glides on easily and is absorbed in approximately 20 seconds. Reactive-8 leaves you with a soft silky feel and a revitalized glow.

Typically used after cleansing routine and before sleeping. For best results use twice daily. Visible difference in skin condition can be achieved immediately after application and firmer muscles and fat reduction being noticeable after around a month of use.



Adds a subtle shine to the skin surface that reflects a pale rose gold, to enhance muscle definition and improve the overall look and tone of the skin where applied.

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