Actigym ™

From marine biotechnology, Actigym redefines areas prone to sagging due to aging or insufficient physical activity by mimicking the effect of endurance exercise. Actigym™ induces adiponectin release from adipose tissue, enhancing metabolism of type 1 muscle fibres and mitochondrial activity*.

Volunteers with a sedentary lifestyle saw visible reductions in the abdomen contour (up to 2,8 cm in 28 days) and thighs (up to 2,1 cm in 56 days). These results are naturally amplified when combined with physical activity.


*Adiponectin is a protein which regulates glucose levels and fatty acid breakdown. Adipose tissue is fat composed of adipocytes. Type 1 muscle fibres help enable long endurance feats. Type 1 increase resistance of fatigue in muscles. 

Mitochondria produce energy within a cell and regulate cellular metabolism.


Aloe Vera

Rich in essential vitamins, trace minerals and amino acids that soothe tired and stressed muscle tissue.

Aloe Vera contains Auxin, Gibberellins and tevo components that provide wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties in the body. Gibberellin stimulates the growth of new cells to promote faster healing with less scarring. Ideal for those wishing to grow muscle size and minimize the effect and risk of stretch marks.


Sesame Oil

Rich in Omegas 3,6 & 9. Passes through the lipid barrier of the skin with ease resulting in easier transportation when combined with sandalwood oil.


Pro Vitamin B5

Present in all living cells, converts to Pantothenic Acid when applied to the skin. Deeply penetrating helping infuse skin cells with moisture.

Can become a powerful tool in relieving systematic itching after use of approximately 4 weeks.


Sandalwood Oil

A greatly moisturizing natural oil that aids in improving cell turnover.