Are your products all natural?

Absolutely not. There are naturally derived beneficial ingredients used wherever possible in the formulations. However, some processed ingredients are necessary for the safety of the user i.e. preservatives.

Are your products safe?

Although 'safe' is a very broad term, our products used ingredients from accredited suppliers and are formulated to be as skin friendly as possible. They do not contain any ingredients that are believed to be illness inducing (i.e. parabens), cause long term dryness (i.e. petroleum jelly and/or harsh solvents) or are formaldehyde producers.

Where do you source your ingredients?

All our ingredients are from reputable and certified suppliers.


Will I get a rash?

Rashes occur in people for many different reasons and it is impossible for any product manufacturer to guarantee that a product will not cause a rash in any one person. However we do ensure that our products do not contain the most common allergenic substances. We do recommend that you do a skin patch test 24 hours before using our product, if you are prone to adverse topical reactions or it is a concern for you.