Achieving a personal goal in either weight loss or muscle enhancement has its own personal challenges based on the individual and where they want to target muscle growth or skin elasticity development.

For Peak Shape have created a suite of products that are at the forefront of scientific evolution in fat reduction, muscle development and skin conditioning. Using a carefully calculated range of extremely effective ingredients, including Actigym, these products can enable the user to target areas of the body to be affected, specific muscle groups to develop, certain areas of stubborn fat or cellulite to be reduced and stretch marks and sagging skin to be greatly improved.

We at Peak Shape are all experienced with attempts at weight loss, diet, exercise, muscle development and physical fitness attainment. Our goal was to create products to meet the needs of beginners, athletes, sports people, body builders and everyone in between. We wanted to give people results that would enable them to break through their barriers, soar from those plateaus, kick start their programs and encourage them not to give up and to realize their goals faster.

The products are designed to be pleasant and easy to use without harmful alcohol based perfumes, worrying parabens, damaging petroleum, or unnecessary dyes. Wherever possible, the ingredients are naturally sourced and all our products have only been tested on HUMAN animals.



Our Story

Some years ago I looked at myself and my family and realized that we had become either obese or extremely overweight, weak and lazy, with appalling eating habits. I wondered two things : 1-How long would my husband and I last in this world? and 2-What were the chances of a healthy life for the kids? The answers were, in reality, shocking: 1-Not much longer and 2-Not much!

After an open and frank family discussion one evening, we realized that we were not the people we hoped to be, did not have a great deal of life expectancy, suffered from a ridiculous amount of skin and health conditions that were completely preventable and - this is the kicker - did not like one bit what we saw in the mirror.

I blamed myself. I'm a scientist. This should not have happened. We resolved to change and I was going to make sure that we would restore our personal pride. We threw everything away from the food cupboards and fridge/freezer, except for the carrots, then went shopping for fresh veggies and fruits, chicken breasts, fish, bottled water, wholemeal this and that, eggs,  herbs, vitamin supplements and green tea. We replaced the cooking oil with avocado oil and fizzed up our water with one of those machines instead of buying pop - (much more fun).

We joined a gym and went every day - sometimes twice a day. We bought good looking fitness clothes and those awesome training shoes, the black ones with the white logo, you know - those ones!

We turned the television OFF.

And it was really really hard. Our road to good health and fitness was a long one with many bumps along the way. We hit walls, plateaued, craved bad food and drink and had bouts of feeling discouraged. The process is slow and there didn't seem to be anything that could make it more rewarding, faster. We felt better almost immediately but it didn't show up in the mirror. We wanted to look how we felt. We tried various lotions and potions and none of them worked. They were bogus. After checking out the ingredients (I'm a scientist remember), I came to the conclusion that there were no readily available effective fat reducing, muscle developing, skin conditioning products, that can be topically applied and be safe and pleasant to use. But there should be.

So, after a great deal of research and experimentation, I created For Peak Shape's lotions and gels. They work. The test subjects loved them. My family love them and use all of them, all the time and are well on the way to achieving our personal physical goals. The light at the end of the tunnel is much closer and brighter. My husband has so much faith in them that he took up body building and posts YouTube vids. We have never received a valid complaint from a user.

We have received suggestions from users. All suggestions are listened to. After all, these products are for them. We expanded the range to included gold skin variations, increased the amount of sandalwood essential oil for the fresh luxurious aroma and packaged the products in a more squeezable bottle.

Another suggestion was to include natural sunscreens. I'm working on it……...


Next Steps...

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