Very Fit Woman


Apply For Peaks Shape to any part of the body where you need your skin elasticity to bounce back and increase muscle size to that part of the body.

Fast acting, Applies Easily, Wonderful Natural Sandalwood fragrance.


Crossing the finish line is only half the battle. Every good athlete knows that the key to reaching your peak is recovery. Our REACTIVE-8 LOTION aims to help you do just that.


You feel the magic underneath your skin, but what about it's surface? Try our new 'Gold Tones' with all the good stuff from ACTIVE-8 and REACTIVE-8 products with an added gold sheen for your skin.

Skin Redefined

Living a balanced and active lifestyle isn't merely a style but a dedication to maintaining and promoting your well being. They say you are what you eat which means we pay attention to everything we put into our bodies. The benefits are well known and bare no questions here.


However one aspect we often neglect in the fitness-sphere  is what we put ON our bodies, and we don't mean cosmetic enhancements. The biggest organ on our bodies is in fact our skin which plays a much bigger role than an elasticated film between our ins and outs. Besides your brain and choice to eat healthily your skin too helps you to absorb the much needed nutrients your body is craving. So whilst you may be monitoring what you eat we strive to help your skin absorb what it needs too and aid you in achieving those well deserved results.